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This term is commonly applied to priests ordained according to the provisions of the canons which allow "communities which are small, isolated, remote, or distinct in respect of ethnic composition, language, or culture" to identify someone from their own community for ordination. Preparation for ordained ministry under this provision does not assume a seminary education as the norm. Most dioceses provide a formation process that does not require the candidate to move away from his or her home. It is assumed that such a priest, trained in the local community, will remain in that community for the duration of his or her ministry. Such a priest might not be charged with preaching or pastoral care, if someone else has been identified for these functions. Sacramentalists are also known as local priests, or Canon 9 priests-based on the canon which allows their ordination. This provision allows flexibility for sacramental ministry in a variety of circumstances in which this ministry would not otherwise be available.

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