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Office of Institution

American Prayer Books preceding the 1979 BCP included "An Office of Institution of Ministers into Parishes or Churches." After the 1844 revision, this rite only provided for the induction of the rector of a parish. Prior to the 1928 BCP, the service included Morning Prayer with proper lessons and psalms appointed, the ceremony of induction, the sermon, and the Holy Eucharist. Morning Prayer and the Eucharist were made optional for this service by the 1928 BCP. The rite for the institution of ministers in the 1979 BCP is the Celebration of a New Ministry (p. 559). It may be used in a greater variety of contexts than the Office of Institution. In addition to the induction of rectors of parishes, the 1979 rite may be used or adapted for the induction of deans and canons of cathedrals, vicars of missions, assisting priests, chaplains of institutions, and non-stipendiary clergy. It may also be used for the induction of deacons or members of the laity with pastoral responsibilities.

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