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Memorial Acclamations

An acclamation of the people after the institution narrative in the eucharist. For example, in Prayer B, the memorial acclamation is "We remember his death/ We proclaim his resurrection/ We await his coming in glory" (BCP, p. 368). All four Rite 2 eucharistic prayers include a memorial acclamation. In Eucharistic Prayers A, B, and D, the memorial acclamation is made by the celebrant and people together. In Eucharistic Prayer C, the memorial acclamation is stated in the people's response that follows soon after the institution narrative. Inclusion of the memorial acclamations reflects the emphasis on congregational participation of the 1979 BCP.

Memorial acclamations were common in the eucharistic liturgies of the east. The memorial acclamations of Eucharistic Prayers A, B, and C are based on the same text, which was the most commonly used acclamation at this place in the eastern liturgies. These prayers also may anticipate or serve as prayers of anamnesis, which recall the past and future completion of salvation history in the present moment. The memorial acclamation may be said or sung. The Hymnal 1982 provides musical settings for the memorial acclamation of Eucharistic Prayers A (S 132-S 135), B (S 136-S 138), and D (S 139-S 141). The Hymnal 1982 Accompaniment Edition, Vol. 1 also provides additional musical settings for the memorial acclamation of Eucharistic Prayers A (S 366), B (S 367-S 368), and D (S 371-S 372). The people's response following the institution narrative in Eucharistic Prayer C is included in the musical setting of S 370.

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