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Allen, Sturges

(June 25, 1850-Mar. 26, 1929). Founding member of the Order of the Holy Cross and missionary to Liberia. He was born in Hyde Park, New York. Allen received his B.S. from the City University of New York in 1869 and his B.D. from the General Theological Seminary in 1880. He was ordained deacon on May 17, 1880, and priest on June 15, 1882. Allen was assistant minister at St. Mary's Church, Kansas City, Missouri, 1880-1881; assistant minister at St. George's Church, Newburgh, New York, 1881-1884; and assistant minister at the Church of the Holy Cross, New York City, 1884-1889. On Dec. 1, 1888, Allen became the second Life Professed member of the Order of the Holy Cross. He served as superior of the Order from Dec. 1, 1888 to June 16, 1894, and from Sept. 16, 1907 to Sept. 14, 1915. During his first term as superior, the Order was moved from New York to Westminster, Maryland. During his second term the Order began its missionary work in Liberia. Allen was a missionary priest in Liberia from 1921 until his death. He died in Bolahun, Liberia.

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