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(May 28, 1904-Mar. 1, 1980). Bishop and OT scholar. Klein was born in Brooklyn, New York. He graduated from Lehigh University in 1924 and from the General Theological Seminary in 1929. He was ordained deacon on May 17, 1927, and priest on June 24, 1928. From 1930 to 1943, he held parochial charges... Read More »

(Aug. 10, 1862-Nov. 21, 1941). A key architect of the deaconess movement in the United States, she graduated from the New York Training School for Deaconesses in 1894, worked for a year in Christian education, and then returned to the school to teach courses in NT and church history. She was set... Read More »

A traditional posture of prayer in which one's weight rests on the knees. The pews of many churches have "kneelers" or cushions to protect the knees of those who kneel to pray. Kneeling to pray may express penitence, supplication, and humility. Depending on local custom and personal piety,... Read More »

The common life and fellowship of love shared by Christians with Christ and with each other in Christ. It is a Greek term for "communion" or "participation." A rich theology of koinonia is found in the Pauline letters and elsewhere in the NT. This saving fellowship with Christ is made possible... Read More »

In Orthodox worship, a short hymn in honor of a saint or the departed. A Kontakion, "Give rest, O Christ, to your servant," is used in the Burial Office of the BCP as an anthem at the commendation. It is repeated as an antiphon at the commendation (p. 499). The Hymnal 1982 provides a musical... Read More »

The 1898 General Convention voted to divide the Missionary District of Tokyo and erect the Missionary District of Kyoto. This missionary district existed until 1941, when it was transferred to the Holy Catholic Church in Japan. The last Episcopal Missionary Bishop of Kyoto resigned on Feb. 4, 1942.

In the early church, in the east, the Greek supplication Kyrie eleison ("Lord, have mercy") was the common response to intercessory biddings addressed to the people. It is now used in the eucharist at the entrance rite and the general intercessions. 1) In the Episcopal Church, Kyrie eleison may be... Read More »

The canticle Kyrie Pantokrator or "A Song of Penitence" appears as Canticle 14 in Morning Prayer, Rite 2, of the BCP (pp. 90-91). It is compiled from several verses of the Prayer of Manasseh, included in some Greek versions of the Hebrew Scriptures. The BCP suggests it for use in Lent at Morning... Read More »


Glossary definitions provided courtesy of Church Publishing Incorporated, New York, NY,(All Rights reserved) from "An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church, A User Friendly Reference for Episcopalians," Don S. Armentrout and Robert Boak Slocum, editors.