Zack Nyein


Zack Nyein is the founding missioner of Project Canterbury, a new campus ministry in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  He is also a singer, pianist, and trumpeter, and hopes to further explore the intersection of music and theology when he begins seminary as a postulant for the priesthood next fall. 


March 22, 2013

As a newly-minted postulant for the priesthood in The Episcopal Church, the word “discernment” carries a lot of baggage. I think about the discernment process, my discernment committee, our diocesan discernment retreat,...

March 11, 2013

I grew up in the buckle of the Bible Belt. The first time I heard about the gift of prophecy was in 1999. I was in the fifth grade, and my neighbors up the street were building a bunker for the apocalypse. The end was near, and...