Patrick Christopher Kangrga


Patrick Christopher Kangrga is a born and raised Southerner originally from Arkansas but recently transplanted to Maryland. Patrick came to faith during his college experience at a time when so many young adults tend to leave the church, and that has fostered in him a real desire to be involved with youth and young adults. Patrick is currently serving in a year of service through the Episcopal Service Corps as youth minister at Epiphany Episcopal Church in Timonium, MD, as well as working with youth at Creative Kids Community Center in Cockyesville, MD.


February 28, 2013

Lent is a perplexing liturgical season. We do the complete opposite of what we think we normally should do. For the most part, we are taught that we should lift our pains and our sorrows up to God, and that Christ will help us bear these...

February 16, 2013

The men in my family have always been the unlucky ones. It’s a simple issue of math. We are outnumbered. And for me, the fact that all of my siblings are significantly older than I am has not helped. Add to this that my three sisters...