Joel O. Atong


The Rev. Joel O. Atong is currently an M.A. senior student at Virginia Theological Seminary. The Rev. Atong is a priest from the Anglican Diocese of Mombasa, Church of the Province of Kenya, and vicar-in-charge of St. Paul’s Kiembeni Parish. Since becoming vicar eight years ago, his parish has grown from about 400 members to over 1,600. He also serves three other daughter churches with an average attendance of 500 people. He intends to go back to Kenya once he finishes his studies in May 2012.


November 19, 2011

Ephesians 1:15-23 Paul’s exuberant prayer of thanksgiving for the church in Ephesus is like the joy of a parent who observes a child’s development from one milestone to the next. His joy is that their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ...