Year Round Stewardship Ads

January 10, 2011

One of the many working definitions of stewardship–and this one has been around for the last sixty years—is everything we do after we say we believe.   My sense is this definition has its staying power because it begs the question: What do we believe? And how do our choices and actions align with our beliefs?  Holistic and ethical in its approach, this definition asks us to consider how we connect our faith and action.  How do we bear the light of Christ in our faith communities and in our world?

The Office of Communications of the Episcopal Church recently launched a Faith and Action Year Round Stewardship Campaign.  Each month, the ad highlights an active verb such as resolve, prepare, examine.  January reads Resolve: To be faithful in little.  To be faithful in much.  Each ad includes the tagline Give to your Episcopal Church.  Here are some of the ways your congregation can use this series:

Feature on your congregation’s website
Feature in your weekly worship bulletin
Feature in newsletter (both electronic and print)
Minute forMissionTheme Topic
Small Group Study Theme Topic
Sermon Series
Monthly Stewardship Articles/Blogs
Video Blog Topics
The ads prompt us to widen the lens of stewardship by encompassing a broader understanding of stewardship as in everything we do after we say we believe.  The series invites us to see stewardship more as verb than a noun.

The series reminds us that giving is a spiritual practice and is an expression of the value we place on the role of our worshiping communities. Embracing a practice of proportional giving cultivates a deeper trust in God, deepens faith, and is one of the most concrete ways we honor our worshiping communities.  Giving is love in action.

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The Rev. Laurel Johnston is Officer for Stewardship for The Episcopal Church