World mission conference to spotlight companion relationships with 'Everyone, Everywhere'

September 9, 2007

Episcopalians active in global mission work will gather June 5-8, 2008, at the Maritime Institute in Baltimore, Maryland, for the church-wide world mission conference, Everyone, Everywhere. The conference is for individuals, parishes, dioceses, and mission groups committed to building and maintaining companion relationships with people around the world. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to celebrate existing relationships and nurture new ones, meet with others who have common interests and experiences in specific regions or mission topics, share personal mission stories, and learn how to engage in more effective world mission.

"It is an important and opportune time for the Episcopal Church to focus on the global mission of the Church," says the Rev. Jim Lemler, director of mission for the Episcopal Church. "There are many relationships and partnerships for global mission. There is a strong vision for service in the global context. We build on a rich heritage and experience of mission throughout the world. Now is the time to envision that mission in new ways recognizing the potential that exists for our future."

The three-day conference will give those attending a taste of the world through worship and music, plenary speakers, workshops that offer creative as well as practical approaches to mission, Bible study, innovative ways to engage in relationship-building, and space to meet with regional groups and mission networks. A marketplace of global crafts, a bookstore targeting global mission interests, and an exhibition hall for parishes, dioceses, and mission groups will provide a world of resources. Evening events will add to the festive, international flavor of Everyone, Everywhere.

"Everyone, Everywhere will do some significant things for the Church's mission," Lemler adds. "It will bring partners together and strengthen the global mission community. It will create a learning environment and develop leadership. It will be a time of prayer, Scriptural reflection, communication, and networking."

Mission organizations and networks, dioceses, and parishes will have the opportunity to support the event through sponsorships, exhibit booths, and conference volunteers.

"God's love will be present in the conference… the same love that extends to everyone, everywhere," says Lemler.

To find out more about Everyone, Everywhere, visit or contact Mary Brennan at or 212-716-6223.