Who is Jesus to You?

July 29, 2003

We asked you on a survey to answer the question: Who is Jesus to you?

Below are some of your responses.




I see Christ in every person I meet. This makes me think that Jesus is not some abstract idea or demagogue; he is every person I encounter. "What so ever you do to the least of my people, that you do unto me." – Travis, Parishioner, Texas

In the beauty of the liturgy, Eucharist and beautiful prayers of the Church, I have experienced the presence and peace of the love of Christ as never before. – Chuck, Vestry Member, West Virginia


Jesus brings a message of radical love and transformation. He redeems human suffering and moves us to compassion. – Mary, Parishioner, Tennessee

To me, Jesus is a friend, a constant companion, a protector, a role model, and, most importantly, a savior. He comforts me in the darkest of situations and does not hate me if I make a mistake. I think that this is a love all the world needs to know. – Anon

Jesus tells the world that not only is love worth the risk, it is the only possible way out of our culture of death. And the church proclaims the gospel that all this is actually good news, very good news. – Anon

Son of God

Sometimes he is the Son of God; sometimes he is a prophet to this devastated world; sometimes he is just someone I can talk to. – Jim, Choirmaster and Organist, Texas

Jesus is the Son of God. What exactly that means I'm still working on! What seems to be clear is that Jesus was sent by God to us, to teach, to heal (in so many senses) and to save us. He is important to me as the center of a faith that has dramatically changed my life and how I live it. He is important to the world (the church being part of the world even as we are not "of the world") because he gives us the challenges to change ourselves and our society. He also provides the guidance on how to do it. – Jay, Youth Minister, New York


I try to quietly talk to him on a daily basis. – Jason, Parishioner, Maryland

My relationship with Jesus is the most important relationship in my life. – Megan, Pennsylvania


Jesus has given us a mission: the salvation of the world. Salvation meaning that we are God's healing agents in this world. We are to be like Jesus in that we heal, love, and give voice to those who have no voice. –Travis, Parishioner, Texas

Jesus is a symbol of what can happen when a person submits entirely to the will of God. He is a symbol to me of justice, especially as a model of someone who does not accept the status quo, who speaks for the downtrodden and the disenfranchised as well as those who wish to put their resources to a spiritual end and to grow in their relationship to God. – Denise, Louisiana


Jesus leads me into a greater hope. A hope that human beings like him and I can get past violence as we seek God's realm in the world. In his lifetime, Jesus revealed not his own justice, but God's, and he did it not through violence but through steadfastness. Sometimes I feel defeated by the world -- but Jesus' reminds me that he too was defeated by the world, and transformed the world in the process. –Chris, Massachusetts

Jesus is God incarnate, the fullest expression in human life of who God is, the fullest expression of who we are called to be. –Christopher, priest, Connecticut


Forgiveness is my anchor and my understanding of Jesus is my guide for finding, receiving, and giving forgiveness. There are times when I struggle deeply with this concept but my belief in the absolute forgiveness of God as expressed and exemplified by Jesus is my encouragement. –Candace, Parishioner, Wyoming

Jesus is my personal savior and very important in my life. To me, Jesus is not some visage floating around somewhere. I try to follow his example in my life. As a Deacon and Chaplain I try to find Jesus, that spark of goodness and humanity in all people that I meet. The world needs to hear this message from Jesus, that he has room for everyone. –Debbie, Deacon 

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