WEST MISSOURI: Parish creates its own Stations of the Cross

April 4, 2007

St. Alban's Episcopal Church in Bolivar, Missouri, took down its traditional Stations of the Cross for this Lent, and instead different groups or families have made the stations the church has used. The artists also composed the devotional thoughts and prayers that accompany them.

According to a story in the March edition of the Diocese of West Missouri's newspaper, The West Missouri Spirit, the new stations are of widely different sizes and reflect diverse mediums, but all are remarkably beautiful, the story quotes the Rev. Cathy Cox, St. Alban's vicar, as explaining.

"I wasn't really sure what would happen when I asked them to do this, but the response has been wonderful," she said.

The artwork ranges from one station created by St. Alban's Sunday School students to one that includes a five-foot high piece of barn wood with a photo of hands, with a ledge for a white bowl and linen cloth. That piece is wrapped in barbed wire to show that in reality it was Pilate, not Jesus, who was bound when he decided to wash his hands of Jesus.

St. Alban's artists also created watercolors, paper mache, quilts, three-dimensional pieces, drawings and a wood carving, according to the story.

"They are so beautifully individual," Cox said.

The stations were placed in the church February 25, and have been used throughout Lent.

"I have been so proud of this congregation," Cox told the paper. "They really do know how to be the church -- how to find new ways to express their faith and hope and trust in God, not only in their outreach, which is considerable, but also in their prayer and worship. What a place I have been given to serve."