The Visual Preludes: ECVA artists, musicians team up on DVD

May 24, 2007

Artists who are members of Episcopal Church & Visual Arts have produced "The Visual Preludes," a set of two DVDs that has a series of 10 multimedia meditations -- each 10 to 12 minutes in length -- set to music for private or group viewing. The meditations feature the work of 123 visual artists and 10 musicians. Titles include "Gracious Spirit," "Bread of Life," and "All Things into Christ." Total time 116 minutes.

The Visual Preludes Resource Guide is a companion resource for the Visual Preludes 2-DVD set. It is designed as an educator's guide, with small group programs for each of the videos. The resource guide also profiles 17 artists. Full color, 36 pages, Sold as a set, $32.95.

Visual Preludes can be purchased here.