Urge Congress to Say No to New Nuclear Weapons

May 13, 2004

The Episcopal Church strongly supports the goal of total nuclear disarmament and the implementation of the international Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. “[I]n accordance with our faith in Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace,” the 1994 General Convention called upon U.S. leaders to “pursue diplomatic initiatives, for the complete elimination of nuclear weapons design, testing, and manufacture anywhere in the world.”

The Bush Administration, in its FY’05 budget request earlier this year, asked Congress to increase funding for research and development on two key nuclear weapons programs:

  • The Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator (RNEP), a weapon designed to penetrate underground bunkers, having 70 times the explosive power of the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima; and
  • The Advanced Concepts Initiative for new nuclear weapons, a program that includes research on low-yield weapons (“mini-nukes”)

Next week, when Congress considers the FY’05 National Defense Authorization Act, both the House and Senate are expected to vote on amendments to block funding for these two nuclear-weapons programs. The votes are expected to be extremely close in both chambers, making it critical that lawmakers hear from their constituents.

You can help!
To send a letter to your legislators, click here.Please contact your Senators and Representative via e-mail – or call them at 800-270-0309.

Urge your Representative to vote for the Tauscher-Markey amendment to cut funding for new nuclear weapons in the defense authorization bill (HR 4200). Urge your Senators to support the similar Feinstein-Kennedy amendment in the Senate’s version of the defense authorization bill (S 2400).

To send a letter to your legislators, click here.