Urge Congress to Protect Social Security

June 8, 2005

As Congress continues its consideration of the Social Security program, which today provides benefits to more than 47 million Americans, the Episcopal Church believes the US Government should, "(1) maintain the fundamental structure and intent of the program and assuring its long-tem financial stability and (2) not put a disproportionate burden on the low-income and working poor." (EC 02/2005)

Created in 1935 to provide old age, survivors and disability insurance, Social Security has kept many seniors, particularly women, out of poverty. It has provided dignity and economic well-being to millions of elderly, widowed, disabled and orphaned in our communities. Key committees in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives are currently considering potential changes to the Social Security Program. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

While many proposals have been discussed in the media and in testimony before congressional committees, no specific legislative proposal is being considered at this time. Your voices are needed so that Congress does not undermine Social Security as an effective government response to protecting vulnerable persons in our society! CLICK HERE TO CONTACT YOUR MEMBER OF CONGRESS TODAY.