Trinity Wall Street welcomes protesters

October 6, 2011

The rector of Trinity Church, Wall Street, has issued an invitation to "Occupy Wall Street" protesters to make use of the congregation's facilities and staff for rest, revitalization and pastoral care.

In a statement posted Oct. 5 on Trinity's website, the Rev. James H. Cooper, dean, invited the protesters to visit Charlotte's Place, a neighborhood center recently opened by the parish, and offered them the use of other meeting spaces for discussions on the issues driving the protests.

Protesters have camped for the past several weeks in Zuccotti Park, located north of Trinity Church and south of the affiliated St. Paul’s Chapel.

"Trinity Wall Street respects the rights of citizens to protest peacefully and supports the vigorous engagement of the concerns that form the core of the protests – economic disenfranchisement and failure of public trust," Cooper wrote.

"As a prayerful community with a deep history of relationships in Lower Manhattan, Trinity continues its pastoral outreach and welcomes any of those involved in the ongoing situation to parish spaces. Many protestors have found the opportunity for rest and revitalization in Charlotte’s Place, Trinity’s new neighborhood center, and have expressed deep appreciation for the hospitality there. We welcome any of those involved in the protest for pastoral care and reflection.

"As the protest unfolds, I invite you to hold all those involved in your prayers: the protesters, neighborhood residents and business owners, the police, policy-makers, civic leaders, and those in the financial industry – all – and to consider the ways we might take steps in our own lives that improve the lives of others."