Trinity Wall Street awards $500,000 in grants

March 16, 2010

The Trinity Grants Program awarded more than $500,000 in funding for the first quarter of 2010, focusing on peace programs in Burundi and Sudan, and workforce development in New York City.

"For more than 300 years, Trinity Wall Street has been blessed to be able to provide funding for essential programs throughout the Anglican Communion and we are grateful to have been able to continue our giving in 2010," said the Rev. James H. Cooper, rector of Trinity Wall Street. "Through our grants program we are committed to nurturing social transformation and reconciliation around the globe through job creation and training, community development, and more."

Trinity awarded the Province of Burundi $175,000 to be distributed over two years to train women in micro-enterprise development. The grant will allow for the development of 10 women's loan groups that will include training in business planning, financial management and group management. Trinity has previously provided funding in Burundi to train peace officers and purchase heifers for needy families, according to a news release from the parish.

The Province of Sudan will receive a total award of $146,000 for continued support of the Kampala office of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan, and to fund a peace conference between Greater Bahr El-Ghazel and Western Equatoria community leaders. The Kampala office is located at the gateway to Southern Sudan and provides church leaders a central communications base. The peace-building and reconciliation conference will prepare church and community leaders to become community-based trainers in conflict analysis using indigenous conflict management practices adapted to contemporary local circumstances, according to the release.

"Through funding in these areas, the Trinity Grants Program seeks to support the Anglican Communion in Africa to be self-sustaining, engaged in deeply mutual partnerships and acting for and with the next generation as agents of change in local communities," said the Rev. Canon James G. Callaway, deputy for Anglican partnership and faith formation at Trinity Wall Street.

Since 2008, Trinity Grants has awarded more than $1 million towards job creation and retention in metropolitan New York, with a particular investment in New York's "seven communities," those local neighborhoods from which the largest percentage of the state's prison population is derived. During the first quarter of 2010, Trinity Grants provided $110,000 to agencies in metropolitan New York.

The Lower East Side People's Federal Credit Union received a $60,000 grant to provide loss reserves for small business loans in the Lower East Side and Central Harlem in order to create new jobs and retain existing jobs. Additional funding will support the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies in New York City in its efforts to address local and state public policies in developing jobs for disconnected youth, according to the release.

"One of the most important factors in building strong communities is an employed workforce," said the Rev. Canon Anne Mallonee, Trinity Wall Street's vicar. "Creating and retaining jobs in metropolitan New York, particularly those in hardest-hit communities, will generate transformative action, reduce poverty, and improve lives and neighborhoods."

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