Trinity Television video complements "Good News: A Congregational Resource for Reconciliation"

February 27, 2004

The television department of Trinity Church, Wall Street, has released a video featuring Bishop Steven Charleston, president and dean of Episcopal Divinity School (EDS), offering meditations on justice, compassion, and reconciliation. Designed to accompany the curriculum "Good News: A Congregational Resource for Reconciliation," published by EDS in October 2003, the meditations in this video draw on examples from the life of Jesus of Nazareth to bring hope for justice, compassion, and reconciliation into groups whose members have differing opinions on the most controversial of topics. It is available in DVD, VHS, and PAL formats.

This video is the result of collaboration between two respected institutions of the Episcopal Church: Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Trinity Church, Wall Street, in New York City. Trinity Television and New Media (TT&NM) approached EDS last fall with the idea of producing a video to accompany the Good News curriculum. "I found 'Good News' to be a powerful and engaging pastoral tool for individuals and groups wrestling with timely social issues," said Bert Medley, director of TT&NM. "Reading Bishop Charleston's words sparked the idea of creating a video where he could speak directly to people looking for resources on reconciliation. Our hope is that by joining these two mediums, participants may deepen their encounter with the concepts of justice, compassion, and reconciliation. When it's all said and done, 'Good News' is about finding common ground for all people, regardless of ideology, grounded in their faith in Jesus."

"Good News: A Congregational Resource for Reconciliation" is available from Trinity Television in both VHS and DVD formats for $15.00, which includes shipping and handling. The video and booklet are available as a package for $20.00, which also includes shipping and handling. Individual copies of the booklet are $6.50. For information on the PAL format, contact Trinity Television. To order, please call 888- 901-1776, fax 212-602-0770, or visit . For more information about "Good News: A Congregational Resource for Reconciliation," please contact Nancy Davidge, Director of Communications at Episcopal Divinity School, or at (617) 868-3450 x302.

Episcopal Divinity School is a respected center of study and spiritual formation for lay and ordained leaders with a strong commitment to justice, compassion, and reconciliation. Formed in 1974 with the merger of Philadelphia Divinity School and the Episcopal Theological School, EDS offers doctor of ministry and master's degrees, and certificates in theological studies. Located on an eight-acre campus just a few blocks from Harvard Yard, EDS is a member of the Boston Theological Institute, a consortium of nine eminent theological schools, seminaries, and departments of religion.