Trinity Church announces $1.29 million in new grants

June 30, 2004

The Reverend Dr. James H. Cooper, rector of the Parish of Trinity Church on Wall Street, today announced the parish will make 24 grants totaling $1.29 million to dioceses, churches, and programs in the United States and abroad. The new grants, administered by the Trinity Grants Program, will assist the Church in the Global South, help relieve the problem of hunger in New York City, encourage spiritual formation in the Episcopal Church USA, and connect people by strengthening telecommunications across the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Four grantees in the metropolitan New York area will change the way soup kitchens and food pantries respond to the problem of hunger, with a particular focus on expansion beyond emergency services and providing advocacy training for volunteers who lead many of the programs. Also notable among the new grants is funding to provide agricultural programs in the Sudan and offer training for clergy and laity in Tanzania in democratic leadership skills. A grant to the Diocese of Cuba will help pay for modern telecommunications equipment for the diocese. (Please see the attached for a complete list of the grants.)

“These awards launch our work in social transformation in metropolitan New York, not just helping those in need but challenging the systems in society that do not meet human need,” said the Reverend Canon James G. Callaway Jr., Trinity Parish’s Deputy for Grants and Outreach. “They also demonstrate the depth of Trinity’s relationships in New York, within the national Episcopal Church, and across the Anglican Communion.”

The grants announced today represent the second of three annual grants awards cycles run by Trinity Church. Grants fall under four main objectives: strengthening the Church in the Global South, social transformation in metropolitan New York, spiritual formation and development, and strengthening telecommunications in the Anglican Communion.

“Trinity Church is one of America's oldest philanthropies,” said Dr. Cooper. “From launching Columbia University in the eighteenth century to fighting apartheid in South Africa in the twentieth, it has catalyzed new leaders, inspired innovative ideas, and identified exceptional opportunities to transform the Church and to help the Church change the world.”

Firmly rooted in the history of the city of New York and the nation, Trinity Church was established under British royal charter in 1697. The parish, consisting of Trinity Church and St. Paul’s Chapel, has a diverse congregation drawn from the New York region and offers 18 worship services during the week as well as daily interdenominational prayers for peace at St. Paul’s Chapel.


Church in the Global South

  • Diocese of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Over three years, to fund a diocesan Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) project. $98,500
  • Diocese of Natal, Southern Africa. Over one year to move Church Based Community Organizing (CBCO) toward a more self-sustaining effort by developing a national strategy. $50,000
  • Diocese of Rumbek, Sudan. Over one year to fund Ox-Plough training centers across the diocese. $77,550
  • Kadugli Nuba Mountains Diocese, Sudan. Over one year to fund an agricultural program. $50,000
  • Diocese of Central Tanganyika, Tanzania. Over one year to train clergy and laity on democratic leadership styles and participatory consensus decision-making, and to provide conflict resolution skills. $32,920
  • Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa (CAPA), Nairobi Kenya. Over one year to fund the CAPA HIV/AIDS Program. $40,000
  • Anglican Consultative Council, London, UK. Over one year to fund a program on sustainable development and the environment at the Office of the Anglican Observer at the United Nations. $30,000
  • Conference on Afro-Anglicanism, Garden City, NY. Over one year to fund the third International Conference on Afro-Anglicanism. $25,000
  • Diocese of Guinea, West Africa. Over two years to fund a diocesan Theological Education by Extension (TEE) program. $37,000
  • Province of Sudan, Sudan. Over two years to fund the Theological Education by Extension (TEE) program in the following dioceses of the Episcopal Church of Sudan: Khartoum, Port Sudan, Kadugli & Nuba Mountains, El-Obeid, Renk, Malakal, and Wau. $60,000

Metropolitan New York

  • Church of the Holy Apostles, New York, NY. Over two years to expand "beyond emergency services" counseling referrals for soup kitchen guests and to create policy advocacy tools for program volunteers. $26,000
  • Episcopal Charities, New York, NY. Over one year to integrate "beyond emergency services" activities into 50 percent of feeding programs funded by Episcopal Charities in the Diocese of New York. $55,000
  • Diocese of New York, New York, NY. Over two years to increase vitality in worship, nurture, witness, and financial stability in fifteen targeted congregations across the Episcopal Diocese of New York. $100,000
  • St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Paterson, NJ. Over two years to create the "Pentecost Ideal," a model which ties congregational development to social transformation in support of recent Latino immigrants in Paterson, NJ’s fifth ward neighborhood. $60,000
  • Mision San Juan Bautista, Bronx, NY. Over one year to reduce risk behaviors for HIV/AIDS among Latina residents of the Hunts Point-Mott Haven neighborhood of the Bronx through Projecto Vida. $35,000
  • The Apostles' House, Newark, NJ. Over one year to connect up to ten faith-based feeding programs in Newark to a wider range of service and policy supports. $35,000
  • Cathedral Community Cares, Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York, NY. Over one year to mentor a dozen Episcopal feeding programs in providing "beyond emergency services" referrals and improving meal planning and nutrition within service offerings. $80,000
  • Rural and Migrant Ministry, Poughkeepsie, NY. Over one year to pilot an "education for democracy" program raising the engagement of farmworkers and their faith-based allies in civic life. $40,000

Spiritual Formation/Development

  • The Community of Hope, Houston, TX. Over three years to support the salary of one Field Coordinator who will supervise Community of Hope program development. $90,000
  • The University Episcopal Center, Minneapolis, MN. Over three years to fund part of the salary of the Chaplain and the Ministry Administrator. $87,324

Strengthening Telecommunications

  • ANITEPAM Partnership, Washington, DC. Over one year to develop an ANITEPAM web site as an electronic resource center for Anglican Theological Education in Africa. $12,500
  • Anglican Consultative Council, London, UK. Over two years to fund the development of an official "Provincial News Releases Site" of the Anglican Web Portal. $125,000
  • Diocese of Cuba, Havana, Cuba. Over one year to fund the purchase of modern telecommunications equipment for the Diocese of Cuba. $19,000
  • Diocese of Peshawar, Peshawar, Pakistan. Over one year to purchase and install 24 computers and accessories, and 24 telephone lines to improve communications within the Diocese. $25,250

Total Grants: $1,294,044.00