Tom Brackett, Episcopal Church missioner for church planting, to preach on Day 1

August 18, 2010

The Rev. Thomas L. Brackett, an Episcopal priest who serves as the Episcopal Church's missioner for church planting, ministry redevelopment, and fresh expressions of church, will be the featured speaker Sept. 19 on Day 1, a nationally syndicated radio program.
The program, which also will be accessible by podcast, will include a sermon by Brackett along with interviews conducted by Peter Wallace, executive producer and host of Day 1.

"Brackett has been passionate about lively communities of faith for 28 years of ordained life, having led two new church plants and started several new ministries within existing parishes," a Day 1 press release noted. "He is certified as a corporate and executive coach and trained as a process consultant with an appreciative orientation."

In his sermon, titled "Jesus the Rogue Rabbi," Brackett "will explore a puzzling parable of Jesus about a shady money manager (Luke 15:1-9)," the release says. "I have no doubt that we would probably scandalize this Jesus today as a rogue, he says. He would not have made it through the ordination process in most of our denominations. Jesus bypasses right belief, baptism, synagogue membership, and societal standing when he goes around forgiving and reconciling so recklessly."

Day 1, which celebrates 65 years of weekly broadcast in 2010, is distributed to 200 radio stations across America and overseas.