There’s an Oklahoma app for that!

February 28, 2017

[Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma] In the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma, mission and ministry appear in many forms.

Whether it’s All Saints’ in Miami’s Teacher’s Toolbox (providing a school supplies bank to support local teachers); St. Christopher’s in Midwest City’s Disaster Response Team (serving those affected by disasters with their on-the-go-trailer stocked with tools for any type of potential disaster); All Saints’ in Duncan’s Food for the Poor program (collecting and donating supplies to help support their neighbors who have fallen on challenging times); or any of the other amazing ministries happening every day in Oklahoma, one thing is clear. Mission and ministry in the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma are always on the move.

Therefore, in order to serve the mission and ministry of the diocese more fully, Diocesan Communications Director Nicole Baxley designed a communication tool; one that would support them, and provide tools and resources where they need them, on the move.

The Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma app serves as a multi-way communication ministry tool designed to help strengthen the diocesan community, provide new avenues for sharing stories of ministry and mission, and engage in spirituality together in new ways. The app includes everything from highlighting communities (congregations, schools, institutions, etc.) in the diocese with their relevant contact information, to sharing upcoming events, ministry stories, and announcements. It provides a hub for sharing diocesan communication, such as photo galleries, videos, and links to the diocesan social media accounts. It also has tools designed specifically to help those in the diocese share their ministry stories, events, announcements, and feedback directly with the diocese, by using channels such as “submit photos,” “talk to us” and “app feedback.”

This new ministry tool, like any other, is designed to highlight and support the extremely active mission and ministry happening all across the state of Oklahoma and throughout the diocese. It is designed to provide an avenue for people across the diocese to engage in community growth, spiritual development, and engagement with each other regardless of geographic barriers. It is designed to help make it a little easier for the diocese to be the Church together, even when members are miles apart.

In the first 24 hours after launching the app, it was downloaded nearly 200 times. In addition, just like the mission and ministry the app is designed to serve, this tool will continue to grow and evolve as future needs and opportunities are identified.

Now Episcopalians in the Diocese of Oklahoma who are serving in ministry, searching for resources, or sharing their story, they’ll hear a new phrase following right along with the diocesan mission statement: “Our mission is to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ…and there’s an app for that!”