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Website's lesson plans offer lectionary-based studies for all
July 29, 2008

One of the most frequently visited areas on the Episcopal Church's website is Lesson Plans for Small Congregations. You can access it here.

Here, parish educators will find sets of lesson plans that follow the Revised Common Lectionary for the entire year. There is a set of three lesson plans for each Sunday: one for young children, one for older children and one for adults. Each lesson includes a list of materials and preparation needed, a prayer, an activity and discussion opportunities.

Also under development is a series of intergenerational lesson plans for the major feast days. These are designed to bring together the entire parish with a variety of activities. Many of these lesson plans already are available on the site.

These plans are flexible, so leaders can adapt them to fit the needs of their parish Sunday school, adult Bible study, youth group or any other small groups.

The lesson plan project began as a cooperative venture between the Episcopal Council for Christian Education and the Ministries with Young People Cluster of the Episcopal Church Center. The Evangelism and Congregational Life Center currently maintains and develops it. Well-known Episcopal Church educator Helen Barron is the principal author of the series.

The lesson plans webpage includes links to other resources such "An Anglican Approach to Scripture," "In Dialogue with Scripture," a basic supplies list, ways to begin and a small-church bibliography. "An Anglican Approach to Scripture" is taken from Called to Teach and Learn: A Catechetical Guide for the Episcopal Church.

In addition, the page has a link to Faith Lens, a weekly Bible study/discussion for youth. Faith Lens invites young people to look at world events through the lens of faith and Scripture.

This study follows the Revised Common Lectionary, using the lessons for the upcoming Sunday. Faith Lens normally is posted by Wednesday morning (Central Time) and is produced by Youth Ministries of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.