St. George's in Jerusalem offering special youth program

May 14, 2002

In spite of the violence that grips Israel and the West Bank, St. George's College and the pastorate committee of St. George's Cathedral in Jerusalem are sponsoring s special 'education for peace' initiative for Jewish, Christian and Muslim children.

In early July a group of 12 Palestinian and Israeli youth, aged 11 and 12, will travel to Texas to be special guests at Camp Allen, an Episcopal summer camp and conference center near Houston, in a program called 'Kids4Peace 2002.' They will explore each other's realities, traditions, languages and dreams, according to an announcement. Planners hope that, in the neutral and supportive atmosphere of the summer camp, the youth can escape the tensions of their world and lay the foundation for their role as 'pioneers of peace,' showing the way to a better and more peaceful future in the land they share.

It is hoped that follow-up projects, involving the parents of the youth, and future 'education for peace' initiatives will determine the real value of the program in the long term, according to Henry Carse, director of special programs at the college, and the Rev. Suheil Dawani of the cathedral staff. They point out that the staff and parents share a common commitment that recognizes that youth are tomorrow's leaders and that education for peace can turn the hearts of the people in the Holy Land toward a just and peaceful resolution of the current conflict.

More information on the program is available on the web site of the college and cathedral or the independent website at