Specials to Air on the Odyssey Channel

September 25, 1998

"Landmarks of Faith," a series now on The Odyssey Channel on Wednesdays at 10 pm (Eastern time), will feature a one-hour documentary on Christ Episcopal Church, Philadelphia, on Oct. 7 and Nov. 25 (both showings will repeat at 1 am).

Christ Church played a dramatic role in the great political events of the American Revolution. George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Betsy Ross all worshipped there. The history of the church is ironic: It was built to establish the authority of the Church of England, yet by 1776 it had already become dedicated to the ideas of democracy and religious freedom.

Landmarks of Faith is a historical series that explores America's rich tapestry of religious beliefs by visiting the places where these faiths took root and grew.

"The Devil: An Unauthorized Biography," three one-hour documentaries from the BBC exploring the origins and development of this menacing figure in the religious consciousness of humankind, will all air at 9 pm on Sunday, Oct. 4 (with repeats at 9 pm and midnight Monday, Oct. 26).

"Battling for the American Soul," a one-hour look at the liberal-conservative split that seems to be becoming more important than Protestant-Catholic, will air as a News Odyssey special report at 9 pm and midnight Nov. 5 (with repeats at 9 pm Nov. 8, 12:30 am Nov. 9 and 2:30 am Nov. 12.

The National Interfaith Cable Coalition jointly owns odyssey, a consortium of nearly 70 mainline Protestant, Jewish, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Evangelical and Pentecostal faith groups and traditions, and Liberty Media, a subsidiary of Tele-Communications, Inc. Hallmark Entertainment and the Jim Henson Company are expected soon to join NICC and Liberty as partners. 

The 24-hour channel is available to more than 30 million homes through 1,500 cable systems, the Primestar direct-to-home satellite service (Channel 84), and C-Band dish owners across the country at Sat Com C3, Transponder 5.

The only religious channel not controlled by one person or a narrowly focused interest group, Odyssey prohibits on-air solicitations for money, maligning of other faiths or attempts to convert viewers to a different faith.

--Bill Lewellis, communication minister for the Diocese of Bethlehem, serves as liaison for the Episcopal Church with the Odyssey Channel.