'Sowing the seed' through music

October 17, 2008

A praise band at St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Kansas City, Missouri, is spreading the word through song.


"The Quick and the Dead," a seven-member band that got its name from the phrase in the Apostles' Creed, was formed on Easter of last year. The group now performs about eight times each month, including at a contemporary service at St. Peter's on Saturdays.

"It's been a positive experience everywhere we've played," said Laurie Schwab, who sings and plays keyboards with the group. She's also St. Peter's organist.

Schwab said the outreach ministry "provides entertainment and spreads the word."

The band's sound technician, Michael Davis, agreed. "We sow the seed. That's what we're supposed to do."

In addition to Schwab and Davis, other band members, who range in age from their 30s to their 70s, are: drummer Tim Schwab, singer and guitar player Craig Murdoch, keyboardist and guitar player Patrick Patterson, and singers Becky Roper and Sydney Pendleton With the exception of Patterson, all are members of St. Peter's.

"It's very rewarding spiritually," Roper said. "It's making an impact. The positive reaction keeps us going."

Among other venues, the band, also known as a Christian rock band, has performed at Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kansas City, at the free lunch is offers; at First Baptist Church, Kansas City, during pickup day for its Angel Food Pantry; at the hot lunch program at St. Mary's, Kansas City; and at Asbury United Methodist Church, Kansas City, during its Sunday service.

"This is one of St. Peter's ways to reach out to the community," said the Very Rev. Russ Johnson, rector. "The band offers an alternative from of worship to people who find the traditional way doesn't reach them.

"One way to do that is with music. I really credit them (band members). And I credit our bishop with allowing them to do it."

The "Quick and the Dead" performs about 80 songs, including hymns, "edgy stuff," and "souped-up traditional hymns," Patterson said.

The group is now working on a CD, the proceeds from which will be given to the church, Pendleton said.


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