Seminary of Southwest launches education center for laity

December 10, 2008

The Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, Texas has launched a Center for Christian Ministry and Vocation (CCMV) that brings together a variety of existing programs for those called to lay ministry, inside and outside the Episcopal Church.

"All Christians are called to serve God through the exercise of their unique gifts and experiences," said Ellen Jockusch, center director.

The center offers three master's degree programs in counseling, arts, and chaplaincy and pastoral care. Several courses are available on week nights and weekends to accommodate part-time students.

The center also administers the seminary's Online School for Spirituality and Mission and certificate programs in Christian education and youth ministry.

The online school offers seven-week non-credit courses taught by seminary faculty for lay ministers interested in a fuller understanding of Christian faith and practice as well as for clergy seeking continuing education.

Week-long sessions are offered on-campus for youth ministers and Christian educators.
"CCMV exists to help people discern God's call in their lives," said Jockusch.

A press release from the Seminary of the Southwest about the launch of the Center for Christian Ministry and Vocation is available here.