SCOTLAND: Church responds to draft Anglican covenant

January 14, 2008

The Scottish Episcopal Church's Faith and Order Board has issued a response to the draft Anglican covenant, published at the Anglican Primates' Meeting in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in February 2007.

The response notes three principle areas of concern regarding the draft covenant, as follows:

  • "The discussion of the foundations which are traditionally held to undergird Anglicanism omits to mention reason, which has long been thought to stand alongside scripture and tradition."
  • "The wording of section 6 of the Draft Covenant is potentially open to a wide variety of interpretations. For example, to take paragraph 6.3 alone, we feel that the expressions such as 'common mind', 'matters of essential concern', and 'common standards of faith', all require significant further definition before they can bear the weight being placed upon them in the context of this Covenant. We are led to wonder whether the wording of section 6 of the Draft Covenant is fit for purpose in any practical circumstance in which it is likely to be called upon."
  • "We note that the Draft Covenant invests the Primates' meeting with considerable and wide-ranging powers. We question whether the Primates' meeting is the Instrument of Unity best suited to the task being entrusted to it (rather than the ACC, which contains a more wide-ranging representation of Church members)."

The full text of the Scottish Episcopal Church's response is available here.