Save Children's Health Care - Take Action Today

October 9, 2007

Last week President Bush vetoed the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP), which passed both the House and Senate with large bi-partisan support. This legislation would have extended health care coverage to an additional 3.8 million low-income uninsured children – children who are already eligible but additional funds are needed to cover.

Thanks to the outcry from people like you the President now says he’s willing to compromise with Congress. However, the legislation that Congress passed took months of effort and negotiations, children need health care NOW! Congressional leaders have scheduled a vote to override the President’s veto in the House on October 18. Your Representative needs to hear from you!

By every measure, S-CHIP has been a strong bipartisan success. Passed by a Democratic President and Republican Congress, with broad support from governors of both parties, S-CHIP participants have improved health and perform better in school. The program has, in the past 10 years, decreased the number of uninsured children by one-third. You can find information about children and healthcare coverage in your state here.

Send a message TODAY to your Representative asking them to "vote to override the President’s veto" of children's health care legislation because protecting the health of children is a national priority!

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