RWANDA: Mothers' Union provides for needs of refugees

July 12, 2007

The Mothers' Union of the Anglican Diocese of Gahini in L'Eglise Episcopal au Rwanda has provided clothing and other basic items to hundreds of Rwandan refugees who returned to the country recently from Tanzania.

The event, which was organized by more than 70 Mothers' Union members of Gahini Diocese, was financed by Mary Sumner of the United Kingdom.

Before visiting the refugees in Kageyo Camp, the women held a two-day workshop on the rights of women and girls. According to Beatrice Gahamanyi, the Mothers' Union worker for Gahini Diocese, the women resolved in the seminar to rescue the society from the problems that usually affect families. She said that much needed to be done to protect
young girls, who are the future mothers.

After the workshop, the Mothers' Union members went to Kageyo Camp to offer the refugees basic needs like soap and clothes. They assured the refugees that they would bring further help in a few weeks' time.

Anglican Bishop of Gahini Alexis Bilindabagabo also came to the camp with local leaders of Rukara district in the Eastern Province of Rwanda. Bilindabagabo commended the Mothers' Union members for their contribution to social transformation in the church and community. He advised the refugees to hold on to God for safety, and pledged to support them and help them move forward.

The Tanzanian government recently expelled thousands of Rwandans from Tanzania without giving a sound reason. Many had been born in Tanzania.