Redesigned church website

Features include a new directory, ‘Find It’ list and art exhibit
December 31, 2005

A major redesign of the Episcopal Church’s website was launched on Dec. 12, culminating many months of teamwork by a half dozen web designers, half of whom are younger than 30.

The extensive changes are the result of collaborations with church communicators, church executives, clergy and lay leaders, members of religious orders, visual artists and youth and young adults, plus the results of more than 1,500 responses to two questionnaires to web users, said Bowie Snodgrass, web content editor.

“The project was a major goal of the Office of Communication for 2005,” said Canon Robert Williams, director of communications. “Updates, refinements and evaluation are also on-going priorities.”

Visitors to the redesigned site will notice that it merges two main “portals” that appeared on the old site (“Leadership Resources” and “Life and Work of the Church”) into one. The “Seekers & Visitors” site remains.

A new directory of church groups and organizations has been incorporated into the site, together with a “Find It” list that offers visitors quick access to material they want. The new approach organizes material thematically, shows the interconnectedness of the church’s work and offers users a clean, legible design, said Richard Lamb, consultant for Internet technologies. Wade Hampton, art director, designed the site.

A new feature on the site is Faces of Christ, an exhibit by artists from the Episcopal Church and the Visual Arts. A new “lite” site, with text only for users who have older computer browsers, was also launched. Technical coordination was completed by Jason Kowalewski and Barry Merer.

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