Pray. Reflect. Converse. The Tragedy of the Gulf Oil Spill

July 8, 2010

The slow-motion tragedy of the gulf oil spill lays bare our collective failure as caretakers of God's good creation. While unknown thousands of barrels of oil leak into the rich and diverse ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico, how are we as Christians called to respond? While we are called to voice our distress and concern about the reckless exploitation of the earth's natural resources, we must also reflect on how we can better honor, respect, and protect God's good creation. We are called to a season of prayer, reflection, and conversation about how to respond to the tragedy in the Gulf.

While we contemplate our own response, it is important that we hold policymakers accountable in their governance of the industries and companies that exploit the earth's natural resources.

Let your member of Congress know that you expect immediate and appropriate action to respond to and mitigate the damage done by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.