The Power of a Story

September 5, 2013

The numbers and headlines can stack up in a way that feels overwhelming. Conflict in the Congo. Devastation in Syria. Renewed sectarian violence in Iraq. The crises and dangers that suddenly turn ordinary people into refugees can feel like an abstraction from afar.

But stories have a way of bridging the distance from the unimaginable to the relatable, turning indistinct and often dismissible masses into singular, compelling individuals. Every refugee we welcome into U.S. communities through Episcopal Migration Ministries’ resettlement ministry brings a story powerful enough to transform the lives of those who will listen to it. Stories of loss, but also of resiliency and renewal.

In this edition of our newsletter, we invite you to experience the deeply personal accounts of two refugees, including links to two new video resources that share their unique and compelling stories in detail. We hope you’ll find these stories make the tragedies and achievements that mark the lives of refugees a little more real.