NEWARK: Assisting Bishop Carol Gallagher will leave diocese in June

May 3, 2007

Episcopal Diocese of Newark Bishop Mark Beckwith sent letters to the diocese's clergy and wardens May 4 announcing that Assisting Bishop Carol Gallagher would be leaving the diocese in June.

"In the nearly two years that she has been here, Bishop Gallagher has been a vital and compassionate presence and leader in our diocese, especially during a time of transition from the announced retirement of one bishop to the election and consecration of another," wrote Beckwith, who succeeded Bishop John Croneberger on January 27. "Carol has described her ministry among us as that of an 'episcopal midwife,' tending faithfully to the details and pastoral care issues that emerge during times of transition. She has certainly been that and more."

The mailing on May 4 also included a letter from Gallagher in which she wrote that she had been "honored and thrilled" to be invited by Croneberger "to be present amidst a complex and challenging transition."

"I know that God often has called me to serve as a midwife, to lend comfort and skill in times of birthing new life," she wrote. "As the Diocese of Newark is now fully engaged with your wonderful new Bishop Beckwith, I want to thank everyone for sharing their ministries and lives with me. To serve Christ in this diocese and to be called as your Assistant Bishop for a time, has been a rare privilege for which I am ever grateful."

Beckwith said the diocese would honor Gallagher's ministry in Newark at a special evensong service, to be held at Trinity and St. Philip's Cathedral in Newark on June 23 at 4 p.m.

The diocese did not release any information on Gallagher's future plans.

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