New blog surveys media reports on Episcopal Church

'epiScope' brings views from 'left, right, center'
February 14, 2007

Offering an online overview of news and views "left, right and center," the Episcopal Church's Office of Communication has launched a new web log, or blog.


Called "epiScope: looking over the Episcopal Church," the blog seeks "to add perspective and context to some stories, and to correct the record in other instances," said the Episcopal Church's communication director, Canon Robert Williams. 
"epiScope is an essential component of the Episcopal Church's overall communication strategy at the present time when reporters increasingly consult the 'blogosphere' for story leads and interpretation," Williams added.
He said the blog is part of the new "Episcopal Church Online" initiative that is working "to support Episcopalians' increasing participation in building community through the latest net-based strategies."
The Rev. Jan Nunley, the Episcopal Church's deputy for communication, is moderator of  the epiScope blog, and "has worked with great skill and insight in designing and launching this new service," Williams said.
"The name is a pun on the Greek word episkope—the root of the word 'episcopal,' referring to the office of bishop as an overseer of the church," Nunley explained. "It also refers to those old-fashioned opaque projectors we used to have in school—and that reflects my hope that epiScope will make some of the issues less opaque and more transparent, to reporters and to the online public."
Next steps in the "Episcopal Church Online" initiative, Williams said, include the launch of the communication office's "Infoline," "Newsline" and "Techline" services -- as well as a new website, "Episcopal Life Online," augmenting the news, features and opinion reported by the Episcopal Life monthly newspaper together with the Episcopal News Service. Launch of that site is expected in late March, Williams said.
Also set to debut this spring, the Infoline will incorporate the services of the current Info Desk, to which general information inquiries about the church may be directed by phone or e-mail for replies. Available by phoning toll-free 800.334.7626 or e-mailing, the Infoline is staffed by communication specialist Lisa Webb and overseen by deputy for communication Bernice Lucas.

The Newsline, staffed by communication specialist Neva Rae Fox, will provide general media reporters with increased resources and referrals to expert commentators and spokespersons churchwide. The toll-free phone number is also 800.334.7626, ext. 6080.

Staffed by communication strategy consultant Rick Lamb, the Techline will offer recommendations for web-based services including teleconferencing and online collaboration. Lamb is at extension 6198 at the toll-free number, 800.334.7626.

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