Multimedia: Good Friday Offering

March 30, 2007

Brother James Teets, manager of partnership services in the Episcopal Church's Office of Anglican and Global Relations, speaks about the Good Friday Offering, an opportunity for Episcopalians to participate in the life of the church in the Middle East.

Full text follows.

The Good Friday Offering is an opportunity more than anything else; it's an opportunity for Episcopalians in the church here in the United States and in the overseas dioceses to participate in the life of the church in the Middle East. The Good Friday Offering goes back to 1922 and is one of the most venerable campaigns I think the Episcopal Church has on an ongoing basis. We've been doing it every year since then; this would be the 85th year in 2007.

The funds are gathered from all the parishes, congregations, cathedrals, missions, all across the Episcopal Church and are dispersed to the dioceses and province itself [in the Middle East] as a gift of the members of the Episcopal Church. The use of the funds is as varied and as widespread as the needs. The funds are governed by the bishops and the provincial office in the Church of Jerusalem and the Middle East and the bishops decide what is the most important need or needs on their daily plate. It could be theological education, it could be putting a roof on a church building, it could be starting a new church, it could be salaries for a hospital or for a school, or any other kinds of needs.