From Minnesota's Bishop James L. Jelinek: A Statement on Windsor Report

October 21, 2004

Monday, October 18, 2004
Statement of the Bishop of Minnesota on the Release of “The Windsor Report”

I commend The Windsor Report to Episcopalians in the Diocese of Minnesota for thorough study and reflection. I am very pleased that, above all, the report calls us to reconciliation through ongoing dialog.

The report reveals the high degree of care and consideration which the commission has given to the whole matter of what it means to be “in communion.” The report now offers an opportunity for a level of discussion on this topic that will be unprecedented in the Anglican Communion—a discussion that I believe the whole American church has longed for.

The report also reveals the depth of questioning and theological reflection for which the Anglican Communion is well known. It is a way of being that has invited many people over the centuries to use all of their minds and the breadth of their hearts to love God, without leaving any part of themselves behind. I treasure that and I believe the church will be stronger for engaging in this dialog on an international scale.

I have long affirmed the positive contributions of gay and lesbian persons—clergy and lay—in the life of our church in this diocese. I do so again on this occasion.

Let us never lose sight of the fact that our real mission is beyond ourselves: for those persons in our world who are in desperate need. Let us continually hold up the many good examples where Anglicans—in this diocese and across the church—are carrying out that mission, working as God’s reconciling agents across the divide of personal differences.

The Rt. Rev. James L. Jelinek,
Bishop the Diocese of Minnesota