Mine Eyes Have Seen the Savior

Adaptations for other Themes
June 3, 2003

During the seasons of the church year there are several logical times that Mine Eyes Have Seen the Savior: 400 Years of Black Episcopal Ministries can be used for the spiritual enrichment of the congregation. The series can be used as a Lenten study, an adult education series, or a special summer program. The series can be used during Black History month in February, during Kwanzaa December 26 - January 1, or at any other logical time in the life of the congregation.

Lenten Study
To use this Study Guide during Lent we recommend the following: Begin the sessions with Stations of the Cross and a community meal. Plan to stay one hour afterwards to view the video and entertain the reflection questions. Those questions you are not able to complete during your one-hour session can be homework assignments for the following week. Each session should begin with prayer and conclude with prayer.

Because Lent is five weeks and there are seven segments, we recommend you view the video in the following sequence. The estimated length of time [ET] for each segment is indicated.

I Lent: Segments I & II
29 Minutes [ET] Slave Community; Black Independence
II Lent: Segments III & IV
30 Minutes [ET] Specialized Black Ministry; Civil Rights
III Lent: Segment V
19 Minutes [ET] Black Ministry Empowerment
V ILent: Segment VI
18 Minutes [ET] Black Women; Ethnic Leaders
V Lent: Segment VII
37 Minutes [ET] Challenges for Leadership

Feel free to copy the reflective questions for each section. This will enable the students to work on the questions at their leisure.

Black History Month
Ironically, Black History Month is celebrated in February, the shortest month of the year. Because of the limited amount of time, we recommend that you plan at least five sessions to view the video and assign the questions as homework assignments. The last session will occur in March, which is Women’s Month and will make for an interesting conversation in light of the contribution of Black women in the Episcopal Church. We suggest you follow the above schedule for a five-week series.