Mine Eyes Have Seen the Savior

Dedication and Acknowledgments
June 2, 2003


This video is dedicated to generations of men and women who carried the faith through generations of persecution. Through their witness and sacrifice they have immeasurably enriched the church, goading it from within, to live up to the promise of freedom for all as God has ordained it to be.



I give my thanks to my family, and to Daniel Jatovsky and Barbara Fairfax, for their endurance, encouragement, commitment and their tireless effort for four years on this project. To Bishop Orris Walker, Bishop Walter Dennis, Jeannette Brown, and Joy Browne, who provided the insight and helped shape the story. To Peter Ng of Mission Graphics, New York City, whose vision helped design the graphics. To Kris Lee who joined the vision and provided the technical support over the years. To Sonia Francis, who believed in the vision and lent financial and moral support. To all the Episcopal Church Center staff who encouraged me to press onward. And to Almighty God for the privilege of being a part of a historical project that eradicates racism, begins to tell a story of God’s people, and takes on a challenge with courage and prayer, that I otherwise felt unworthy and ill-equipped to approach.