Mine Eyes Have Seen the Savior

How To Use This Study Guide
June 3, 2003

By the Rev. Joy Elizabeth Browne, Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor of Pan African Studies,
University of Louisville; Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky
. . . Those who love learning should make even greater progress in living according to the law.
- Ecclesiasticus 1:14

This guide follows the lines developed in the companion video and focuses on particular themes in Black Episcopal ministry. Each theme is followed by six questions, which can be used in either large or small groups. These study questions are intended to provoke thought and discussion on the material presented in the video. Most do not ask for a single “right” answer.

Quite the contrary, it is to be expected that you will have a wide range of views and that you will share them as part of a learning community. By your active participation, you will enrich the mind of the Church. In the process, we all will share in the important work, as the Apostle Paul wrote, of “being transformed by the renewal of the mind.”

Although this resource can be used any time with or without the reflection questions, we strongly recommend that you view this video within the light of Scripture. It is vitally important that we understand the human heart and its shortcomings in light of Scripture so that we may forgive, embrace, and grow from this experience. A general set of scriptural readings is provided with the study guide that follows.

[Note: This guide has been annotated for web use; and is meant to be used with or without the assistance of the video.]

We also recommend that you also use the musical selections from the compact music disks, “My House Must Be Filled” and “It Is Well With My Soul” at the conclusion of each discussion. Suggested songs are included.

May the God of our weary years and our silent tears be gratified by the labor of love and learning in which we now share, as we continue to celebrate diversity within the Episcopal Church.

Recommended format for study:

1. Opening prayer
2. Scripture reading
3. Video
4. Discussion questions
5. Musical reflection
6. Closing prayers