LONG ISLAND: Convention authorizes call for bishop coadjutor

November 12, 2007

The Episcopal Diocese of Long Island, meeting in convention November 9-10, in Hauppauge, New York, affirmed a resolution submitted by diocesan Bishop Orris G. Walker, Jr., calling for the election of a bishop coadjutor.

Walker, 65, has served as Long Island's seventh bishop since January 1991.

The estimated timeline for the planning, searching, calling and consecration of a bishop coadjutor is 18 months, according to the Interim Joint Oversight Committee, composed of members of the Diocesan Council and the Diocesan Standing Committee. The committee's interim status will conclude when a full Joint Oversight Committee is named within the next few weeks.

The committee announced that details and ongoing reports of its work will be published in the diocesan newspaper, The Dominion, and on a special website, as well as via the public media.

The convention also approved the "creation of the position of Assistant Bishop." Walker indicated that assistance is needed with the duties of his office, including presiding at some of the numerous agencies for which the diocesan bishop serves as president.

In other business, the convention:

  • re-affirmed its commitment to the Millennium Development Goals and participation in the ONE Episcopalian campaign;

  • supported the 75th General Convention's request to study new congregational development opportunities; and

  • affirmed a resolution highlighting the importance of ministry with youth.

The Diocese of Long Island comprises 52,700 parishioners worshipping in 156 congregations.

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