Lexington Bishop Douglas Hahn suspended for one year

March 28, 2016

[Episcopal Diocese of Lexington] Douglas Hahn has been suspended for one year from his duties as bishop of the Diocese of Lexington and from ordained ministry, effective March 9.

Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry, working through the canonical disciplinary and pastoral processes of the church, took this action after learning that Hahn had a sexual relationship with an adult female parishioner and intentionally withheld this information when seeking the position of bishop. Hahn has admitted to these charges against him. He and Curry have reached an official “Accord” or agreement providing for terms of the suspension.

The Standing Committee, which is the ecclesiastical authority of the diocese in the absence of a bishop, acknowledges that the relationship between the diocese and Hahn has been seriously strained by Hahn’s actions.

Speaking on behalf of the committee, the Rev. Peter D. D’Angio, President, said, “As members of Christ’s holy church we believe in confession, repentance, and forgiveness. We also understand that actions have consequences.”

The Standing Committee, with the assistance of the presiding bishop’s office, has already begun the process of discerning the selection of a bishop to serve the Diocese of Lexington during the suspension. Under their leadership, the diocese will continue God’s mission of compassion, mercy, reconciliation and evangelism.

Editor’s note: A copy of a letter that Hahn wrote to the diocese is posted here on the website of Trinity Episcopal Church in Covington, Kentucky, where D’Angio is rector.

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