Latin America Anglican Theological Congress set for October meeting

August 18, 2005

The Latin America Anglican Theological Congress, a new initiative coordinated by a sub-commission of the Commission on Theological Education for Latin America and the Caribbean (CETALC,) will meet October 5-10, 2005 at the Hotel El Panama in Panama City, Panama to discuss globalization and its meaning for Latin America.

The Congress was the brainchild of Canon Juan Marquez, international companionships officer in the Episcopal Church Center's Office of Anglican and Global Relations, and supervisor of the Commission.

"It is expected that this event will make a significant contribution to the life and ministries of the Episcopal/Anglican Church in Latin America and the Caribbean," Marquez said.

"It is also expected that this event will provide not only an opportunity for theological reflection in the region's context, but also provide an avenue in re-examining and evaluating old and new methods and models of missionary strategy for church growth," he said. "The whole concept of mission enterprise is at the center of this event."

Gathering under the theme "Globalization and its implications in Latin
America: A Challenge to the Episcopal/Anglican Church" conference participants will attend the following presentations:

  • General analysis of the Anglican presence in Latin America during the last three decades of the 20th century with Bishop Armando Guerra of Guatemala;
  • Present status of the Episcopal/Anglican Church in Latin America, socio-economic responsibility in the context of Trade Agreements with Dean Ashton J. Brooks of All Saints Cathedral, US Virgin Islands;
  • Cultural analysis and nature of the Episcopal Church leadership in Latin America with the Rev. Dr. McDonald Jean;
  • Vision and theological expression of Anglicanism in the globalization context with the Rt. Rev. Sebastiao Gamaleria and;
  • Globalization and its implications for Latin America and the Caribbean: A challenge with Lic. Carlos Aguilar.

In addition, there are workshops led by the following:

  • Congregational Development
    The Rt. Rev. James H. Ottley, Bishop Assistant, Southeast Florida
  • Models of Missionary Strategy in the Globalization Context
    The Rt. Rev. Jubal Neves, Diocese of Santa Maria, Brazil
  • Growth of the Episcopal Church in Latin America
    The Rev. John Kater
  • Cultural liturgical Expressions
    The Rev. Dr. Louis Weil
  • Theological Expressions in Latin America, in response to the Globalization
    The Rev. Israel Batista, executive secretary, Latin America Council of Churches (CLAI)
  • Models of Ministry with Young People
    Lic. Jose Reyes and the Rev. Ivette Linares.

Marquez said approximately 200 lay and ordained people from Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala , Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Mexico, Peru; Haiti, the Virgin Islands, Honduras, and the host country Panama are expected to attend. He said the event is mainly subsidized by the Commission, provinces and dioceses which will make a contribution of $500 per diocese.

For information and registration, contact the Rev. D. George Porter at 506.225.1029.