Keep Communion safe

Gluten-free wafers feed celiac's spirit without hurting the body
July 21, 2008

About five percent of your church's communicants have celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder that results in sensitivity to the gluten in wheat. Wheat is present in regular Communion wafers.


Those of us with celiac disease may suffer from the following symptoms if we ingest a regular Communion wafer: bone or joint pain; fatigue and weakness; gastric reflux; nausea and vomiting; diarrhea; or migraines. If I have regular wheat Communion wafers, I do not sleep for five nights.

Certainly, none of the above symptoms are the desired effect of "being fed with spiritual food" in the Eucharist.

Does your church have gluten-free Communion wafers? Do you make it easy for a person needing to be glutenfree to have one?

Recently, when traveling, I visited a large church. I had e-mailed the priest in charge of the Communion wafers five days before my visit. She assured me that gluten-free wafers were available. When I went into the sacristy before the service to remind her of my need, she began to explain to me just how difficult this was going to be for her.

I was taken aback, to be sure. It all worked out in the end. I got my gluten-free Communion wafer. I was fed with spiritual food with no harm to my body or my sleep.

Will you be ready for me when I visit your church? Will you be able to feed me with spiritual food that does not harm my body? Will you make it easy for me (and the five percent of your congregation who is celiac) to get a gluten-free Communion wafer? Ener-G Foods makes gluten-free Communion wafers. These wafers are a bit yellowish and do not lie flat.

Very-low-gluten wafers, which lie flat and are suitable for transport to the sick in a pyx, are available from These contain only 0.037mg of gluten per wafer. Some celiacs ingest just one quarter of these wafers.

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