Just Deacons Letter to Congress: Override SCHIP Veto

October 9, 2007

We, deacons in the Episcopal Church, united in our call to serve all people, particularly the poor, the weak, and the sick, call on Congress to override President Bush's veto of the Children's Health Insurance Reauthorization Act of 2007. The Episcopal Church in Convention has committed to the principle that every child and family has a right to guaranteed quality, comprehensive health care and has committed to

  • Ensure quality pre-natal care is available for all
  • Focus on prevention as a key to preserving the health and well-being of children
  • Work for publicly funded, integrated, accessible and high quality mental health care.*

We believe the President's veto to be in error, in contradiction of the Gospel, and the failure to override will only compound the hardship suffered by children and families all around the country.

In the ten years since its enactment, SCHIP has reduced the number of uninsured children by 26%. However, increasing numbers of employers have found providing family health insurance coverage to be an onerous expense and are declining to provide it. Currently over nine million American children are without health insurance. This is unacceptable to us, and, we are sure, to you.

We join with Bishop Katherine who wrote to you, "Whoever cares for the least cares for the divine image in our midst. The health and well-being of children, especially those living in the richest nation in the world, should never be reduced to political ideology."

We urge you to join us in Christ's call to all to care for one another and override the President's veto.

Yours in Christ,




The Venable Eugenia Dowdeswell The Rev. Katherine Salinaro
Archdeacon Deacon
Diocese of Western North Carolina Diocese of California
The Rev. Lynne Hough Deniray Mueller
Deacon Postulant,
Diocese of Mississippi Diocese f Southern Ohio
The Rev. Ellen Ekstrom, The Rev. Margaret Dawson
Deacon Deacon
St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Berkeley CA New Orleans, LA
Diocese of California Diocese of Louisiana
The Rev. Henrietta Williams The Rev. Alice Goshorn
Deacon Deacon
Diocese of East Carolina Indianapolis, Indiana
  Diocese of Indianapolis
The Rev. Madeleine Beard  
Deacon The Venable Christopher Wrampelmeier
MD Episcopal Public Policy Network Archdeacon
Diocese of Maryland Diocese of Northwest Texas
The Rev.Margaret Van Auker The Venable Diana Luck
Deacon Archdeacon
Middleham & St. Peter's Parish Diocese of Dallas
Diocese of Maryland  
  The Rev. Charlie Perrin
The Rev. Dede Schuler Ballou Deacon
Deacon Jamaica NY
St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Amarillo TX Diocese of Long Island
Diocese of Northwest Texas  
  The Rev. Mary Louise Hintz
The Rev. Carole C. Ricketts Deacon
Deacon All Souls Parish
Diocese of Northwest Texas Diocese of California
The Rev. Vincent Jang The Rev. Scott Elliott
Deacon Deacon
True Sunshine Church, San Francisco CA Diocese of Chicago
Diocese of California  
  The Rev. Patricia Ross
The Rev. Jan Cazden Deacon
Chaplain, California Pacific Medical Center Diocese of California
Trinity Church, San Francisco CA  
Diocese of California Joyce A. Nagle
Peggy Valentine Hanover NH
Ordinand Diocese of New Hampshire
St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Abilene TX  
Diocese of Northwest Texas The Rev. Carl Rehling
The Rev. Lucy C.B Pellegrini Diocesan Liaison for Justice & Peace
Deacon Diocese of Maryland
St. Paul's, Vergennes  
Diocese of Vermont The Rev. Tom Williams
Dr. Bette J. Kauffman Diocese of Rochester
Diocese of Western Louisiana The Venable Lauren Welch
The Rev. Evelyn Morales Diocese of Maryland
Diocese of North Carolina The Venable Ormond Plater
The Rev. Deborah S. Burns New Orleans
Deacon Diocese of Louisiana
Diocese of Kansas  
  The Rev. Lew Powell
The Rev. Aileen Aidnik Deacon
Deacon Albuquerque NM
Diocese of Northern California Diocese of the Rio Grande
Joyce Jackson The Rev. Mary Ellen Gallagher
Postulant Deacon
New Orleans All Saints, Boise ID
Diocese of Louisiana Diocese of Idaho
The Rev. Wanda Cuniff The Rev. Marguerite Denton
Deacon Deacon
Christ Episcopal Church, Nacogdoches, TX St. Francis, Springboro OH
Diocese of Texas St. Mary's, Waynesville OH
  Diocese of Southern Ohio
The Rev. Vause Carlsen  
Deacon The Rev. Susan Noth
Diocese of Eastern Michigan Deacon
  Diocese of Rhode Island
The Rev. Larr Steele  
Yucaipa CA Elaine Clements
Diocese of Los Angeles In formation
  St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
The Rev. Rose Bogal-Allbritten Diocese of Louisiana
Murry KY Nancy R. Nevins
Diocese of Kentucky Candidate
  Diocese of West Missouri
The Rev. K. Krewer  
Deacon The Rev. Carol Graves
Diocese of Quincy, Illinois Deacon
The Rev. Mary Ann Jensen  
Deacon Charmaine Kathmann
Diocese of New Jersey Candidate
  Diocese of Louisiana
The Rev. Mary Lynn Adams  
Deacon The Rev. Edgar W. Hopper
Diocese of Fond du Lac Deacon
  St. Augustine's Church Project
Nancy Meyer Diocese of New York
Diocese of Chicago The Rev. Dick Fox
The Rev. Jackie Lynn Diocese of Milwaukee
Executive Director Episcopal Peace Fellowship The Rev. Tom WIlliams
Diocese of Chicago Deacon
  St. James, Hammondsport, NY
The Rev. M.J.D. Leewis-Kirk Diocese of Rochester
Bethany Terrace Nursing Centre
The Rev. Laina Wood Casillas
Diocese of Chicago Deacon
  St. Michael & All Angels, Concord CA
Terry Price Diocese of California
Diocese of Rochester NY The Rev. Susanne Watson Epting
The Rev. Hailey McKeefry Delmas NAAD
Deacon Diocese of Iowa
Diocese of California  
  The Rev. Robert C. Partanen
The Rev. Joan Grant Deacon
Diocese of Southern Ohio  
  The Rev. Carol Callahan
The Rev. Emily Bost Deacon
Deacon Diocese of Southern Ohio
St. Paul's Fayetteville AK  
Diocese of Arkansas The Rev. Elizabeth A. Belasco
The Rev. Leilani L. Nelson Diocese of Long Island
St. Andrew's, San Bruno CA The Rev. Gary England
Diocese of California Deacon
  Christ Church, South Pittsburg TN
The Rev. Rebecca Morehouse Diocese of East Tennessee
Church of the Nativity &  
School for Deacons, Berkeley, CA The Rev. Carol Bowen
Diocese of California Deacon
  Church of the Epiphany, San Carlos CA
The Rev. Laurie J. McKim Diocese of California
St. Matthew's, Raytown, MO The Venable Nancy Read
Diocese of West Missouri Archdeacon
  Diocese of Newark
The Rev. Bob Nelson  
Deacon Kay Kessel-Hanna
St. Peter's, Del Mar CA Candidate
Diocese of San Diego Diocese of Olympia
The Rev. Amy Morehous The Rev. Canon Tina Campbell
Deacon Diocese of Northern California
Diocese of East Tennessee  
  The Rev. Sandy Honnold
The Rev. Larry Steele Deacon
Deacon Diocese of Hawai'i
Diocese of Los Angeles  
  The Rev. Rose Marie Martino
The Rev. Paul S. Kahn Deacon
Deacon St. Jude's, Wantagh NY
Diocese of New York Diocese of Long Island
  Marjorie Oughton
The Rev. Keith McKenna Postulant
Deacon Diocese of Oregon
Parish of St. Augustine of Canterbury  
Diocese of New York The Rev. Nancy White
The Rev. Cindy Long St. Margaret's Annapolis MD
Deacon Diocese of Maryland
Diocese of Northern California  
  The Rev. Deborah S. Burns
The Rev. Stephen R. Shanks Diocese of Kansas
St. Andrew's, Montevallo AL Joan W. Anderson
Trinity, Clanton AL almost Deacon Candidate
Diocese of Alabama Diocese of El Camino Real
The Rev. Bonnie Morrill The Rev. Lorraine Cusick
Diocese of Dallas Deacon
  Diocese of Long Island
The Rev. Thalia Johnson  
Deacon The Rev. Sue Ross
Diocese of Michigan Deacon
  Diocese of Dallas
The Rev. Justine M. Guernsey  
Cathedral of All Saints  
Diocese of Albany  
*Resolution 2006-B018: Endorse the NCC policy on the Rights of Children




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