Just 40 Days Until Election Day!

September 22, 2004

Voting is our chance to exercise a right for which many in this country and around the world fought and died. Yet according to the Census Bureau,in our 2000 Election 1 in 5 voters were too busy to vote and only 55% of the voting age population voted.

So we hope this election year you will:
Register to vote, participate in election year activities, find time to vote and educate yourself about the Presidential and other candidates.
Election Day is steadily approaching, are you ready?

Here are five simple ways to make sure you’re ready:
1) Register to Vote
Register to vote and encourage your friends, neighbors and co-workers to register to vote as well. Keep in mind that voter registration Requirements and Deadlines vary by state.
If you are not able to vote in person on Election Day, remember to request a ballot and vote absentee.
Click here to find your state’s voter registration deadline, to register to vote, or request an absentee ballot:
2) Participate in the ‘Have Faith and Vote’ campaign
Democracy requires commitment, perseverance and faith. Faithful Democracy continues to actively encourage people of faith to fully participate and engage in democracy through the ‘Have Faith and Vote’ campaign.
Click here for more information and resources:
3) Be sure you have ‘Time to Vote’
Time to Vote http://www.timetovote.net/ is a non-political, non-partisan initiative promoting American democracy by ensuring that all registered voters who want to vote have time to vote by encouraging employers to create flexible Election Day policies, ensuring that voters are aware of their voter leave rights under state law, and helping voters balance work and family responsibilities.
4) Gear Up for Election Day - Call To a Faithful Decision Weekend
In the two weeks preceding the November 2004 elections, please join The Interfaith Alliance Foundation, Faithful Democracy and thousands of religious leaders across the nation, representing the full range of faith traditions in America, in reminding our members that personal religious beliefs can and should find public expression through thoughtful and prayerful involvement in the electoral process. Click here to learn how you can participate in ‘Call To a Faithful Decision Weekend.’:
5) Learn more about the Presidential candidates and their party platforms

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