Jubilee Ministry Centers receive $127,122 in new grants

Monday mission: outreach and ministry in action
July 19, 2004

Jubilee Ministry Centers across the Episcopal Church have been assisted by a new round of 82 national grants totaling $125,122 to provide direct services to people living amid poverty and other forms of oppression.

A national advisory committee of clergy and laity approved the grants, which were announced July 13 by the Rev. Canon Carmen Guerrero, national officer for Jubilee Ministry -- a network encompassing more than 700 congregations and agencies involved in ministry programs of social outreach, advocacy, evangelism, and empowerment of people.

Awarded on the basis of applications received from among the Jubilee Centers, the grants reflect the wide range of services provided by those ministry sites, said Guerrero, who has served as national officer since 1999.

"These are frontline agencies meeting real needs of real people - agencies that are used to stretching dollars to provide maximum services to the greatest number of clients possible," said the Venerable Michael Kendall, archdeacon of the Diocese of New York, a member of the grants advisory committee who was also active in General Convention's establishment of the Jubilee Ministry program in 1982.

"Those of us who work in Jubilee Centers and receive these grants especially appreciate applying these funds directly to hands-on services to people who need them most," said Canon Jack Plimpton, grants advisory committee member, who is director of Episcopal HIV/AIDS ministries in the Diocese of Los Angeles where he serves as local representative for the national Jubilee program.

Jubilee Ministries -- so named to reflect the Old Testament practice of equalization of fiscal and other resources every five decades in a "Year of Jubilee" -- are described in detail on-line (www.episcopalchurch.org/jubilee). Also posted is information for congregations wishing to apply to become a Jubilee Ministry Center.

The new grants were funded in part by $50,000 approved in 2003 by General Convention, which also approved $50,000 for grants in 2005 and 2006, respectively. The Episcopal Church's Executive Council added an additional $100,000 for distribution this year, an allocation funds received from Episcopal Relief and Development as a result of that agency's recent decision to phase out domestic grants to maximize international relief work, said the Rev. Canon Brian Grieves, director of Peace and Justice Minstries for the Episcopal Church.

Per statistics provided by the Jubilee Ministry Office at the Episcopal Church Center in New York, the new grants are awarded as follows:

Diocese of Alabama, Jubilee Community Center, advocacy, $1,000.

Diocese of Alaska, St. Jude's Jubilee Center, food pantry and vouchers, $1,000.

Diocese of Arizona, Trinity Community Health Services, health services/clinic, $3,000.

Diocese of Arkansas, Arkansas Rice Depot, education, $1,000.

Diocese of Arkansas, Christian Health Center, health care, $1,500.

Diocese of Arkansas, Good Samaritan Clinic, health care, $1,500.

Diocese of Atlanta, Chattahoochee Valley Episcopal Ministries, empowerment for women, $1,000.

Diocese of Bethlehem (Pennsylvania), Episcopal Ministries of Bethlehem, transitional housing, $2,000.

Diocese of Bethlehem, Downtown Ministries at Grace Church, Bethlehem,education,$2,000.

Diocese of Bethlehem, Trinity Church, Bethlehem, staff, $1,000.

Diocese of Central Florida (Orlando), Episcopal Counseling Center, matching funds, $1,000.

Diocese of Chicago, Messiah/St. Bartholomew, HIV/AIDS ministry, $1,200.

Diocese of Chicago, Shelter Care Ministries, homeless drop-in center, $322.

Diocese of Chicago, Chicago anti-hunger Federation, empowerment/culinary school,$2,500.

Diocese of Colombia, COLFORPAZ, food program for homeless, $1,500.

Diocese of Colombia, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, nutrition program for retarded children, $1,500.

Diocese of Colombia, Mision de Cristo Rey, advocacy/conflict resolution, $1,500.

Diocese of Colorado, Metro CareRing, transportation program, $1,000.

Diocese of Colorado, 32nd Avenue Jubilee Center, matching grants, $1,000.

Diocese of Colorado, St. Francis Center, empowerment, $1,000.

Diocese of Connecticut, St. Luke's, feeding ministry, $2,100.

Diocese of Connecticut, St. Monica's Church, tutoring program, $2,000

Diocese of Connecticut, The Family Center of St. John's, community outreach $1,000.

Diocese of East Tennessee, Volunteer Ministry Center, clinic, $1,500.

Diocese of East Tennessee, Bradley Initiative for Church & Community, empowerment/workshops, $1,500.

Diocese of Eastern Michigan, Bridge Builders Counseling, Inc., computer program,$1,000.

Diocese of El Camino Real (Monterey, California), Holy Child Jubilee Center, immigration, $2,000.

Diocese of El Salvador, Asociacion Salvadorena de Ostomizados, health clinic, $5,000.

Diocese of Florida, Grace Mission Church, mentoring/tutoring, $1,000.

Diocese of Fond du Lac (Wisconsin), St. Paul's Cathedral, food distribution program, $1,000.

Diocese of Fort Worth, People Helping People, emergency services, $2,000.

Diocese of Haiti, CDISEC school food program, $2,500.

Diocese of Honduras, El Porvenir Centro de Salud,l, health clinic dental instruments/treatment, $1,000.

Diocese of Honduras, Community Children's Center, children's food program, $2,000.

Diocese of Indianapolis, St. Thomas Clinic, medications for clients, $1,500.

Diocese of Iowa, St. Mark's Church Jubilee Center, clinic medications, $500.

Diocese of Kansas, Episcopal Social Services, education/promotion, $1,500.

Diocese of Kansas, Episcopal Social Services, administrative costs, $1,000.

Diocese of Kentucky, Aaron McNeil House Inc., education, $1,000.

Diocese of Kentucky, St. George's Community Center, youth, $2,000.

Diocese of Lexington, reading camp for children, matching funds, $2,000.

Diocese of Los Angeles, Episcopal Community Federal Credit Union, empowerment ministry, $2,000.

Diocese of Los Angeles, Project New Hope, AIDS ministry, $2,000.

Diocese of Maine, Trinity Jubilee Center, outreach, $1,000.

Diocese of Massachusetts, Crosslight Organization Jubilee Center, teens/young adult programs, $2,000.

Diocese of Michigan, GRACE Center, health counseling, $1,000.

Diocese of Michigan, Bound Together, education for youth, $2,500.

Diocese of Milwaukee, The Gathering of W.E. Wisconsin,food program, $1,500.

Diocese of Minnesota, Fairmont Family Resource Center, education for adults, $1,000.

Diocese of New Hampshire, Nashua Pastoral Care Center Inc., basic necessities to families, $1,500.

Diocese of New Jersey, St. Peter's Church, outreach, $1,000.

Diocese of New York, Church of Our Savior, computer program, $2,500.

Diocese of New York, St. Luke's Senior Community Program, freezer for food pantry, $1,500.

Diocese of New York, Rural & Migrant Ministry, advocacy, $2,500.

Diocese of North Carolina, Urban Ministries of Durham, emergency shelter, $1,500.

Diocese of North Dakota, St. John the Divine, refugee program, $1,000.

Diocese of Northern Michigan (Marquette), Keweenaw Family Resource Center, parenting skills, $1,000.

Diocese of Northern Indiana (South Bend), St. Margaret's House, empowerment/education, art, $2,000.

Diocese of Northwest Texas, Just People Inc., education/empowerment for homeless, $2,000.

Diocese of Ohio (Cleveland), Episcopal Community Services Foundation, tri-parish urban ministry, seed-matching grant, $2,000.

Diocese of Olympia (Seattle), All Saints Church, newborn babies program, $1,000.

Diocese of Olympia, Church of the Holy Apostles, Jubilee staff, $1,000.

Diocese of the Rio Grande (El Paso, Texas), Las Americas Jubilee Center, immigration program, $2,000.

Diocese of San Diego, St. Luke's Refugee Network, refugee program, $3,000.

Diocese of San Diego, Center for Urban Ministry, education, $2,000.

Diocese of South Carolina, The Soup Kitchen, food program, $1,000.

Diocese of South Carolina, Baskerville Ministries, direct assistance, $1,500.

Diocese of Southeast Florida (Miami), Episcopal Mental Health Ministries, transportation services, $1,500.

Diocese of Southeast Florida, Tri-Parish Council Inc., housing, $1,000.

Diocese of Southern Ohio (Cincinnati), The Neighborhood House, clinic/education, $1,000.

Diocese of Southwest Brazil, Chapel of Our Savior Child Care, kitchen equipment, tables, $1,500.

Diocese of Southwest Brazil, Centro de Promocao de Vida, education/children, $1,500.

Diocese of Southwest Florida (St. Petersburg): St. James House of Prayer, afterschool program, $2,000.

Diocese of Texas, Iglesia Episcopal San Mateo, evangelism, $1,000.

Diocese of the Virgin Islands, St. Ursula Jubilee Center, music/computer program, $1,500.

Diocese of the Virgin Islands, St. Andrew's Church, food program, $1,500.

Diocese of Washington (D.C.), St. Timothy's Church Jubilee Center, computer education program for children, $2,000.

Diocese of Washington (D.C.), Episcopal Senior Ministries, services to elderly, $2,000.

Diocese of West Virginia, St. Luke's, food supplies, $1,000.

Diocese of Western Massachusetts (Springfield), Christ Church Cathedral, staff/health-care worker, $1,000.

Diocese of Western Michigan (Portage), St. Luke's Partners in Transition, furniture and essentials for homeless families, $2,000.