John Pocus

Birmingham, AL
September 26, 2006

We need to play up the strengths of the Episcopal Church. I personally get the most wonderful feeling of peace and relief at an Episcopal service. If more people were exposed to Instructed Eucharist and know what was going on, they might feel the same way as I do when I go to church, perhaps not. I think another great tradition of the church is the inclusiveness, but I think it’s time we let young people know that the church is inclusive instead of depending on them to walk into a church by themselves. They won’t just come into the church without someone getting involved in their lives outside of it. It’s time to help these people wandering aimlessly in the world, people who are invited might at least try the church. I want to try to get more people into church by ending this Episcopal tradition of expecting people to know you love God. Too many people go silent around non-Episcopalian. I say I at least will encourage all Episcopalians to break the silence and tell about their relationship with God and how the Episcopal Church fostered it.