Islamic State poses ‘once in a millennium threat,’ says Welby

October 17, 2014

[The Daily Telegraph] Isil poses a “once in a millennium” threat to the survival of Christians in the Middle East, the Archbishop of Canterbury said on Thursday.

The Most Rev Justin Welby compared the Isil terrorists who have seized large areas of Iraq and Syria to the Mongol hordes who invaded the Middle East in the thirteenth century, massacring whole populations.

In an interview with ITV, Archbishop Welby recalled a meeting in London of Christian leaders from the Middle East.

“They had flown here for this meeting from situations of the utmost horror – indescribable horror,” he said. “We spent two hours listening to their stories. The memorable comment was ‘this is the worst threat we’ve faced since the Mongol invasion of 1259’. This is an extraordinary once in a millennium threat.”

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