Internships established for full-time church musicians

November 12, 2012

The Anglican Musicians Foundation (AMF) and the Association of Anglican Musicians (AAM) announce the establishment of a $10,000 matching grant to create full-time Church Music Internships in institutions of the Episcopal Church in the USA. Applications will be accepted from potential (1) Mentoring Institutions and (2) promising young church musicians who

demonstrate interest in devoting themselves to the music and worship of the Episcopal Church.

The Mentoring Institutions in which AMF/ AAM Internships will take place will possess dynamic music ministries that are widely known for excellence and employ experienced Mentors who are committed to providing an intense and intentionally formative, full-time Internship.

The Anglican Musicians Foundation has committed to make one nonrenewable grant of $10,000 for each of the next three program years, beginning in 2013-2014. The grant will be payable at $1,000 per month for ten months and must be used solely for the Intern’s salary. The Mentoring Institution must commit at least to match AMF’s salary grant. Only fully completed applications will be considered by the AMF/AAM Internship Grants Committee.

Full details regarding the Policies, Guidelines and Procedures of the Anglican Musicians Foundation AAM Internship Grant are available on the AAM website, Application deadlines are January 15, 2013 for Mentoring Institutions; February 15, 2013 for potential Interns.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Marc Liberman, President

Anglican Musicians Foundation

33 Billings Hill Rd

Bryant Pond, ME 04219

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