Image Gallery: Saluting chaplains in the field

May 19, 2009

After the end of the Civil War, American towns began setting aside a day to honor fallen soldiers and visit and tend their graves. The memorials coalesced into a commemoration of American troops killed in all wars, first called Decoration Day and now Memorial Day, celebrated on the last Monday in May (the 25th this year).

In this image gallery, Episcopal Life honors the "padres" who minister to soldiers, sailors, fliers and their families. Their "arms" are a book, a cup and a table. They lend their skills, their prayers, their blessings and their understanding to the living and sometimes to the dying. They bring the word of God to the faithful and listen to those who say they have no faith. Their "congregations" are often young and diverse, and their service is essential.

The image gallery is available here.

Photos/Courtesy of the Office of the Bishop Suffragan for Chaplaincies